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Tracking Cumulative Travels

Welcome to Travel Mapping - Railways

Travel Mapping is a collaborative project implemented and maintained by a group of travel enthusiasts who enjoy tracking their cumulative travels in various modes of transportation. You are currently on the TM site for tracking railway travels. This site allows its users to submit lists of railway segments they've traveled on the railway systems that have been included in the project. Those lists are then imported into the project's database, to be included along with other users' stats and maps.

In addition to this part of the site that tracks railway travels, TM has

Travel Mapping - Railways Status (motd)

This is an early preview of TM's first venture outside of highways to track travels on railways in several parts of the world. Please feel free to submit your travels in a list file, in the same formats we use to specify highway segments but wth a .rlist extension, to the rlist_files directory in the UserData repository, but be aware that procedures and naming conventions and more are likely to change so you will need to adjust your files accordingly as we move forward.

Travel Mapping Railway Data

Travel Mapping currently includes railway data for 0 "active" systems. Active systems are those which we believe are accurate and complete, and for which any changes that affect users will be noted in the railway data updates table. An additional 669 systems are in "preview" status, which means they are substantially complete, but still undergoing final revisions. These may still undergo significant changes without notification. 0 more are in development but are not yet complete. These "devel" systems are not yet included in stats or plotted on user maps. Active systems encompass 0 routes for 0 miles of "clinchable" railways, and that expands to 4,666 routes for 107,286 miles when preview systems are included.

How to Participate

Anyone can submit their travels to be included in the site. Please see the information for how to create and submit your data.

Once your data is in the system, you will be listed on the main traveler stats page, and you can see a summary of your travels on your user page. Click around on the various links and table entries to find more ways to see your travels, both as tabular statistics and plotted on maps.

Project news is also posted on the Travel Mapping Twitter feed. Follow us!

What's New with Railway Data?

Railway data is updated almost daily as corrections are made and progress is made on systems in development. When a railway system is deemed correct and complete to the best of our knowledge, it becomes "active". Here are the newest railway systems to become active, with their activation dates:

The most recent TM - Railways site update completed at 2024-07-23 23:23:13 US/Eastern.